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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Shawn Allison who was born in Oregon on March 04, 1971 and passed away on November 18, 2000 at the age of 29. We will remember him forever.   And strive to find the truth.

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Mother :  Veronica Allison
Father:  Jon W. Allison
Sister:  Rita M allison
Sister:  Johna M. Allison
Maternal grandmother:  Veronica Kovalcheck Travinski
Maternal grandfather:  George Travinski
Paternal grandmother:  Dorothy M.(Rell) Allison
Paternal grandfather:  Walter E. Allison

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Tributes and Condolences
The Life lessons You gave me I will never forget   / Macsen Apollo (Good Friend (Shawn was like a father to me) )
It has been 11years since someone took your life.. I think about this often and it makes me so mad & upset.. You have done so much for me and other people.. Shawn was a great man.. I remember when we 1st met. I lived right behind you and you let me k...  Continue >>
Thank you anyone who pays attention to this.   / Veronica Allison (Mother)
The more we protested or brought witnesses the more they were threatened.  It's the same thing that happened in this film made in India.  I always thought the police were on the citizens side...this is not true.  Imagine talking to a m...  Continue >>
Shawn  / Randy Rowlette (High School Friend )
I remember Shawn from high school and can't believe the story and runaround that has happened. Shawn always seemed to be upbeat and fun to be around. Unfortunately I lost touch with Shawn after high school and did not know of the misfortune that happ...  Continue >>
I miss shawn   / John Ray (childhood freind )
I still think about shawn and keep are memories close to my heart.     We had alot of fun when we were kids.  Mei his BIG soul rest in peace. 
Concerned  / Ronald Tilghman
I would like to correspond with the family. I am a retired policeman 32 years on the job. I might be able to help you. I wish to make one thing very clear to the family I am not interested in money. I wish to see if I can help you.  &n...  Continue >>
What a beautiful life  / Karla Henry (Cousin)    Read >>
Thinking Of All Of You  / Beth Anne YahooGroup With Veronica (Compassionate Friend )    Read >>
So Very Sorry for Your Loss  / Melissa Eiler (Visitor~Daughter of Irwin & Renee Eiler )    Read >>
I'm Sorry  / Laurie ~. Jill's Mom     Read >>
How he died  / Veronica Allison (Mother)    Read >>
SORRY / Rochelle (NONE)    Read >>
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His legacy
This is about the way he died....and will be added to as time goes on  
DEATH IN DESCHUTES COUNTY By Rita Allison What makes one life worth more than another? I have asked myself this question more times than I can count and the answer is always the same. Nothing. No one on this planet is more important for ANY reason, than any other person. I don’t care "who" you "think" you are or what you do in your life. Not your job, your family, your so called "position" in society....none of these things give anyone more right to life than anyone else. Sometime between the afternoon of Saturday November 18, 2000 and Monday morning November 20, 2000, Shawn Allison’s life was taken from him. He was my brother, but more importantly, he had every right to live and someone took that right from him. What gives an agency, specifically the Deschutes County Sheriff’s department, the right to decide that a death does not deserve an investigation? Again, the answer is nothing. More critical to the reason I am writing about Shawn’s death, is the Oregon Statue(s) that the Deschutes County Sheriff’s department ignored (read: breaking the law) to declare Shawn’s death a suicide. As you read the "law" please bear in mind the repeated reference to "order and complete an autopsy in a death requiring an investigation" as well as the requirement for "death requiring investigation". It would seem that my brother’s death was well defined in these"laws". Yet the Deschutes County Sheriff Deputy, Gary Decker, that was assumed to be lead person at the scene of Shawn’s death, performed none of the investigative measures that a reasonable person would deem "reasonable and thorough" i.e. ORS 146.045(3)(g). It has now been just over 5 years since Shawn’s death, and my mother Veronica and I have exhausted all avenues available to get the Deschutes County Sheriff, Les Stiles to "do the lawful thing". Adding insult to injury, at this time, December 2005 into January 2006, Sheriff Stiles and Deputy Decker are on TV commercials talking about things like Stranger Danger and ID theft. If I have to listen to Deputy Decker say, "If something doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t" one more time, I may scream. There are certain other statutes that are listed because they have bearing to things that occurred after Shawn’s death and are listed here to reference as you read the events leading up to, during and after his death. Oregon Revised Statutes read: 146.045 Duties of State Medical Examiner. (1) After consultation with the State Medical Examiner Advisory Board, the State Medical Examiner shall appoint each Deputy State Medical Examiner. (2) The State Medical Examiner shall: (a) Appoint and discharge each district medical examiner as provided by ORS 146.065 (2). (b) Designate those pathologists authorized to perform autopsies under ORS 146.117 (2). (c) Approve those laboratories authorized to perform the analyses required under ORS 146.113 (2). (3) The State Medical Examiner may: (a) Assume control of a death investigation in cooperation with the district attorney. (b) Order an autopsy in a death requiring investigation. (c) Certify the cause and manner of a death requiring investigation. (d) Amend a previously completed death certificate on a death requiring investigation. (e) Order a body exhumed in a death requiring investigation. (f) Designate a Deputy State Medical Examiner as Acting State Medical Examiner. (g) After a reasonable and thorough investigation, complete and file a death certificate for a person whose body is not found. (4) Distribution of moneys from the State Medical Examiner’s budget for partial reimbursement of each county’s autopsy expenditures shall be made subject to approval of the State Medical Examiner. [1973 c.408 §5] 146.090 Deaths requiring investigation. (1) The medical examiner shall investigate and certify the cause and manner of all human deaths: (a) Apparently homicidal, suicidal or occurring under suspicious or unknown circumstances; (b) Resulting from the unlawful use of controlled substances or the use or abuse of chemicals or toxic agents; (c) Occurring while incarcerated in any jail, correction facility or in police custody; (d) Apparently accidental or following an injury; (e) By disease, injury or toxic agent during or arising from employment; (f) While not under the care of a physician during the period immediately previous to death; (g) Related to disease which might constitute a threat to the public health; or (h) In which a human body apparently has been disposed of in an offensive manner. (2) As used in this section, "offensive manner" means a manner offensive to the generally accepted standards of the community. [1973 c.408 §12; 1979 c.744 §4; 1985 c.207 §1] 146.103 Removal of body, effects or weapons prohibited without consent. (1) In a death requiring an investigation, no person shall move a human body or body suspected of being human, or remove any of the effects of the deceased or instruments or weapons related to the death without the permission of a medical examiner, deputy medical examiner or the district attorney. (2) No person shall move or remove any of the items specified in subsection (1) of this section if the medical examiner or district attorney objects. (3) A medical examiner, district attorney or deputy medical examiner shall take custody of or exercise control over the body, the effects of the deceased and any weapons, instruments, vehicles, buildings or premises which the medical examiner, district attorney or deputy medical examiner has reason to believe were involved in the death, in order to preserve evidence relating to the cause and manner of death. (4) In a death requiring investigation, no person shall undress, embalm, cleanse the surface of the body or otherwise alter the appearance or the state of the body without the permission of the medical examiner or the district attorney. [1973 c.408 §14] 146.109 Notification of next of kin. (1) Upon identifying the body, the medical examiner shall immediately attempt to locate the next of kin or responsible friends to obtain the designation of a funeral home to which the deceased is to be taken. (2) If unable to promptly obtain a designation of funeral home from the next of kin or responsible friends, the medical examiner or deputy medical examiner shall designate the funeral home. In designating the funeral home, the medical examiner or deputy medical examiner shall be fair and equitable among the funeral homes listed in the office of the district medical examiner. [1973 c.408 §16] 146.110 [Amended by 1959 c.629 §34; repealed by 1965 c.221 §27] 146.113 Authority to order removal of body fluids. (1) A medical examiner or district attorney may, in any death requiring investigation, order samples of blood or urine taken for laboratory analysis. (2) When a death requiring an investigation as a result of a motor vehicle accident occurs within five hours after the accident and the deceased is over 13 years of age, a blood sample shall be taken and forwarded to an approved laboratory for analysis. Such blood or urine samples shall be analyzed for the presence and quantity of ethyl alcohol, and if considered necessary by the State Medical Examiner, the presence of controlled substances. (3) Laboratory reports of the analysis shall be made a part of the State Medical Examiner’s and district medical examiner’s files. [1973 c.408 §17; 1979 c.744 §5] 146.115 [Amended by 1955 c.190 §1; repealed by 1965 c.221 §27] 146.117 Autopsies. (1) A medical examiner or district attorney may order an autopsy performed in any death requiring investigation. This authorization for an autopsy shall permit the pathologist to remove and retain body tissues or organs from the deceased for the purpose of the legal or medical determination of the manner or cause of death, or other purposes approved under policies established by the State Medical Examiner Advisory Board. (2) If an autopsy is ordered, the medical examiner shall obtain the services of a pathologist authorized under ORS 146.045 (2)(b). (3) A pathologist may not receive compensation for performing the autopsy if, as medical examiner, the pathologist ordered the autopsy. [1973 c.408 §18; 1987 c.142 §4; 1995 c.744 §15] (there could be other things in here....don't know yet...why the space) There are several things I wish to accomplish by writing the story of Shawn Allison’s death. First and foremost would be an attempt at some justice and perhaps closure. By putting this story out for the public to view, I am hoping that some of you will take the time to be the "judge and jury". To view the facts, as I know them, and to give Veronica and I your honest opinion as to what you think happened to Shawn. At the end, there will be directions to a web site for you to enter your vote as to your findings with space for you to add your comments. One way or another, you are entitled to your opinions and depending on the leanings of the public, you will either give us reason to put this behind us, or try and figure out another way to have the death declared a homicide. Does this literary "court" presentation seem one sided? Quite honestly, yes, but no more one sided than Deschutes County’s declaration of suicide on November 20, 2000. At this juncture, nothing would make me happier than to have the Deschutes County Sheriff answer publicly to this book. For them to give a legitimate answer as to why there was no investigation and no autopsy of my brother’s body. The Sheriff’s department fully recognized and admitted that they were in the wrong over the initial and ongoing lack of investigation, however nothing was done to the deputies involved in breaking the "death laws" It is going to take more than the patronizing pat on the shoulder that the Sheriff Department gave my mother, with this statement, "Well, from now on all bodies found will have an autopsy." Which leads me to the second important aspect of this book. It is easy to think that nothing like this will ever happen to you or your family. And it is easy to think that the law enforcement agencies always to their job, that they are always honest. In the event that you should ever find yourself in my family’s place, I sincerely urge you to keep Shawn’s story in mind and to never, ever, trust what someone is telling you. Question everything. Just because someone is wearing a uniform and carrying a badge, does not mean that they don’t have an "agenda". It does not mean that they are honest and can be trusted. It does not mean that they will do their job. INSIST on a full investigation. Do not accept any findings until a full investigation has occurred and even then.....question everything. A false belief that one can trust a law enforcement officer is why we are where we are today. Shame on you, Sheriff Deputy Gary Decker. Shame on you for meeting my mother in the driveway and asking who she was and then stating, "they weren’t supposed to call you"..........ORS 146.109 Notification of Next of Kin. Remember the law, Deputy Decker? Veronica had a RIGHT to know that her son was deceased. What I want to know is, who were "they" and why didn’t you want Veronica to know Shawn died? Who were you protecting and why? Why were you so intent on declaring suicide instead of doing the job you were hired to do? Again....who were you protecting? But, I’m getting ahead of myself. We will address Deputy Decker and his behavior later in the story. I just implore you, do not be deceived by a uniform. At a time such as this, it will be easy for you to be "duped". Grief has a way of blocking all other information. All of the things that you may question about a story that you are not personally connected too will evaporate in the face of the intensity of this type of grief and your need for an answer will cause you to lose your discernment. However, discernment will reappear at a later date, and if you find yourself in similar circumstances to Veronica and I, even a few days can be too late.
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