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Sophia Grow lit a candle on 04/12/2006: "I know you only thru you sweet mom, my friend since childhood, but I miss you just the same and I honor your memory."
Sara Weeks lit a candle on 04/04/2006: "We all miss you.... you will never ever be forgotten!!!!"
Steven Smith lit a candle on 04/03/2006: "I feel that your grief should not be in vein. I hope that you and your family get their day to hear what really happened"
Rita Allison lit a candle on 04/01/2006: "I promise Shawn, one way or another, we will find out who killed you. I love you."
Nikki Tate lit a candle on 03/09/2006: "THIS IS FOR YOU SHAWN....WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU!!!!! YOU WILL ALWAYS LIVE IN OUR HEARTS!!!!"
Betty"Tommy's Mom" Childress lit a candle on 03/03/2006: "Memories are 4-ever,hold them close to your heart,they are just to precious to us all....."
Rochelle Kaileybrianna@yahoo. lit a candle on 03/02/2006: "IN MEMORY OF SHAWN. MAY YOUR MEMORY LIVE ON"
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